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The Maya

One of the finest summits is La Maya, a solitary peak dominating the entire right-hand side of the Hérens valley whose unique grace, charm and beauty magically unfolds as the sun paints and repaints it throughout the day, from the first hesitant rays to the magnificent dusk.

The twilight spectacle illuminates La Maya with golden light, as it shifts from pink to burnt red, from vermilion to ochre, the majestic Maya displays all of her charms before drifting into the pale blues of the night. “Marvellous Maya, Maya enchantress.” (C.F. Ramuz).

La Maya is one of the symbols of Saint-Martin; it lends its name to the famous ski mountaineering race “La Patrouille de la Maya”.


The Maya

The Maya

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GPS coordinates :
46.17168906071329, 7.4916196838378255